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It's over here!!!


Awesome ads for Stihl out of Australia from the very talented team at WhybinTBWATequila. 

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Heinz: Punch
“Mean Beanz.”
by Leo Burnett
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Heinz: Punch

“Mean Beanz.”

by Leo Burnett

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The latest from Nokia’s Little amazing show.

Little ideas and lots of them.

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Tivibu - Don’t let the phone interrupt your movies.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Directors: Ilkay Gurpinar, Volkan Karakasoglu
Copywriter: Ercin Sadikoglu
Art Director: Levent Yalgin

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Lowe’s - Don’t Stop Improving

Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, USA

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IBM Ad Changes Color To Match Your Outfit

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Amazing Ikea Ad

Advertising Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden
Project Manager: Maria Bergqvist
Agency Producer: Magnus Kennhed
Art Director: Silla Levin
Copywriter: Marcus Hägglöf, Rickard Hallberg
Production Company: Folke Film
Director: Tomas Mankovsky
Producer: Joi Persson
Project Manager: Madde Otto
Director of Photography: Göran Hallberg
Set Designer: Wilda Wiholm
Grade: Chimney Pot
Offline: Thomas Lagerman
Sound: Ljudligan/Frippe
Online: Swiss

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CoffeeCompany WiFi headlines.

Holland’s largest chain of coffee shops is called CoffeCompany. They wanted to attract more students, so they installed WiFi in some of its stores near universities. The problem is, lots of students just come into the store for the WiFi but hardly look at the menu.

So CoffeeCompany decided to move the store’s menu into the WiFi menu of customers’ laptops. They periodically changed the wireless network name from the normal “CoffeeCompany” to hard-selling headlines. So as students looked for a network, they found menu lines such as “mmm….YummyMuffinsOnly1,99″

Agency: They Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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The Echo Temple allowed users to play virtual musical instruments by moving their body in front of motion-tracking cameras. The unique musical experience conducted by the audience, was concepted by Mother New York, and was the centerpiece of Kyocera’s activation at Virgin Mobile’s Free Fest, a full-day music festival featuring Cee Lo, Patti Smith, etc. attended by 50,000+ people. 

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